Web Real-Time Communication is said to have found a way to replace all plugins and applications for real-time audio/video and textual messaging. Say “bye bye” to Flash! All we need is a Javascript enabled browser and we are good to go. Infact, most of us using Google Hangout, don’t know that it is shifting to WebRTC. Other biggies like Facebook and Skype are on their way. Several companies for video chatting, monitoring systems, gaming and live interaction are implementing WebRTC based solutions. The other day while exploring some current projects in this area, I came across this fantastic article by OnSip, that in short lists out all that is making a wave in this field


I see WebRTC application in various sectors that can make communication very convenient and versatile. The main reason being it can be easily implemented and “plugged” into other products to extend its features. Keep aside the networking advantages of voice and data over the internet, in the software products today that involve real-time communication in any form, are bound to get a make-over with this technology, or perhaps a complete transformation!

Web based communication

Be it collaboration, conferencing, live streaming etc. everything can be transitioned into a WebRTC based solution. More importantly I feel, what is lacking in them is the recording facility. That is going to be really helpful for workers and students who wish to refer back to what was discussed in a meeting. Imagine a website that not only streams live sessions but also gives you the recorded video in your cloud storage account or a local folder, immediately after the session gets over…

Improving Customer experience

It is obvious that the contact centers will change over time and customer complaints and grievances will be resolved in a way that is better than how it is handled today. Some enterprise software companies have already leveraged the power of WebRTC to improve customer interactions. Even for smaller business or individual consultants, practitioners and businessmen, WebRTC could solve the problem of being next to their clients.

Embedding WebRTC into other niche applications

Gaming, software development tools, interviewing platforms can become better by adding WebRTC to its interface. When two parties are interacting over some real-time data exchange, WebRTC based video or audio channels can enhance the experience. So, it is more like two people playing an online game, or a software professional  evaluating somebody’s code face-to-face. Think of a content sharing platform that is accessed by multiple users at real-time, and also reserves space for f-2-f video chatting.

WebRTC for safety…

I have seen so many applications using IoT for preventing road accidents. But I also came across an article that stated that real time video capturing and analyzing the state of the driver and passengers can help prevent accidents and mishaps. Since most smartphones have a front and a rear camera, it is possible to capture the videos of both the road and the people inside a vehicle and ensure that nothing is abnormal. Violent movements, drowsiness and the road conditions can be detected with AI. Considering that, a smartphone can be easily converted into a surveillance camera for monitoring and recording audio/video streams.

These diverse applications do tempt many technical professionals to study this field. I am sure many people will come up with some great applications of this technology as they get to know it better technically.

From my experience, it comprises mostly networking and web development concepts and is indeed revolutionary. This technology is still maturing and a lot of JS APIs are being written.

Just go to the links below to get the feel of WebRTC..




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